The Saint Paul Foundation and Minnesota Community Foundation have worked for decades in partnership with professional advisors to help their clients incorporate charitable giving into their financial and estate planning. Our goal is to help their clients maximize tax advantages while making the greatest charitable effect for their community.

We enhance your client relationship by providing the expertise, tools and infrastructure to help shape your clients’ charitable giving plans.

Our gift planning team

Jeremy Wells, vice president of Philanthropic ServicesElizabeth McCray, gift plannerLuther Ranheim, gift plannerChris Cheney, gift planner

Six ways we support professional advisors

1. Free, customized charitable planning services to turn charitable gifts into a lasting impact

2. Expertise in handling complex assets including mineral rights, real estate and more

3. Proven investment management for prudent long-term growth

4. Professional donor services staff to support donors in their philanthropy

5. Local knowledge and statewide reach about emerging and ongoing community needs

6. Networking and education opportunities for donors and their advisors

Continuing education

Our Insider Briefings provide information, training and support to you on important legal and financial aspects of giving. A variety of continuing education opportunities are offered throughout the year.

A longtime partner

Stuart Bear, Partner at Chestnut Cambronne PA

"Just by listening ... the gift planners are able to make some really wonderful recommendations and help counsel the clients to choose what is right for them."

Stuart Bear is a partner at Chestnut Cambronne PA in Minneapolis.

Technical resources

Technical resources on charitable gift planning are at your fingertips. Visit our Planned Giving Design Center to access helpful legal, tax and financial planning content on charitable gifts. Technical resources include annotated codes, regulations, and thousands of practitioner-oriented research articles with citations.

Interactive gift-planning tool

Together We Thrive

Minnesota Philanthropy Partners is a network of foundations, funds and organizations that share knowledge and services to make charitable giving thrive and benefit all Minnesotans. Minnesota Philanthropy Partners supports The Saint Paul Foundation, Minnesota Community Foundation, F. R. Bigelow Foundation, Mardag Foundation and more than 1,700 affiliates across Minnesota.

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