Red Wing Area Fund

Established in 1979, the Red Wing Area Fund was the brainchild of community and business leaders. They envisioned a privately led incubator for community development projects deemed too risky for tax subsidies but too large for individual investors. Unique among community organizations, the Fund takes responsibility for spearheading projects that enhance the character and quality of life in Red Wing. Additionally, the Fund’s advisors consider grant proposals from nonprofit organizations serving the Red Wing area.

With a long history of financial prudence, the Fund is a permanent source of leadership to community projects of major significance and enduring impact. This important and visionary work is so far sustained by donations from individuals, families and estates.

How the Red Wing Area Fund Makes a Difference

To date, the Fund has given upwards of $11 million to important community development and preservation projects. During the 1980s, the Fund helped initiate the restoration of the 1904 T.B. Sheldon Theater, a jewel box of a playhouse with its rich interior details. Upon completion of a feasibility study, the Fund provided the theater’s board with fundraising leadership. More than $3 million in public and private funding was secured for the Sheldon Theater. More recently, the Fund collaborated with the city on the restoration and eventual oversight of the Red Wing Depot. In addition to spearheading its own projects, the Fund lends regular support to a variety of community organizations—from Red Wing Youth Outreach to the Red Wing Seniors.

Mission Statement

It shall be the purpose of the Red Wing Area Fund, a nonprofit organization, to continue and extend the character and quality of community life in the Red Wing area.

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