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It started as a modest scholarship fund for high-school students. Eighteen years later, the Northfield Area Foundation is a flourishing permanent community endowment that benefits the larger Northfield community. The Foundation’s endowed family of funds continues to grow and generate healthy revenues. Earnings are annually dispersed to programs that improve Northfield’s quality of life.

Contributions to the Foundation’s family of funds, including the Marston and Dorothy Headley Fund, support a diversity of worthy projects by local nonprofit organizations, each selected by the Foundation’s advisory board. Additionally, the Foundation offers donors flexible giving options for gifts of $25,000 and more, which allow for the ongoing participation of donors who wish to focus on favorite charities and personal passions.

How the Northfield Area Foundation Makes a Difference

The Foundation invites local organizations to apply for grants, typically between $1,000 and $5,000. Recipients over the years have included health care facilities, arts organizations and school programs for youth with special needs. Thanks to a gift from the Ruth Nutting Estate, a special Beautification Fund was designated in 2006. This enables the Foundation to provide extra support for public gardens, downtown development and other programs that enhance the city of Northfield.

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