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The Lowertown Future Fund is an outgrowth of the Lowertown Redevelopment Corporation, a neighborhood project representing nearly three decades of private-public partnership and achievement. Located in downtown Saint Paul, the Lowertown neighborhood eventually became a national model of urban revitalization with its mix of urban dwellers, families, artist studios and independent businesses. In celebration of this feat, the Lowertown Redevelopment Corporation channeled its energies into the creation of the Lowertown Future Fund in 2007. Today, the Fund works solely to preserve and enhance the efforts of its predecessor organization.

The Fund provides financial support and guidance to community development projects that enrich the lives of Lowertown’s residents, workers, artists and visitors. The Fund’s advisory committee is known for its flexible approach. It considers a diversity of projects, so long as they further the neighborhood’s rich business and creative climate.

How the Lowertown Future Fund Makes a Difference

The Fund embraces the “River Garden Plan,” a vision and inspiration for Lowertown’s future as a bustling urban village. Portions of this plan are already being realized—there is the renovation of the Union Depot, the coming of the Central Corridor Light Rail Line, the opening of the Vento Nature Sanctuary and Lower Landing Park. To complement these efforts, the Fund considers grant applications from neighborhood groups, schools and religious institutions as well as nonprofit arts, cultural, social and civic organizations. Ranging from $1,000 to $4,000, these grants vary from one-time allotments to multi-year commitments. They may be used to cover everything from historic preservation to special events and tourism promotions.

For questions on grant guidelines and process, contact Shannon Gahagan or Sharon DeMark.

Grant proposals

The 2017 deadlines are April 15 and Sept. 15.

Please email proposals to shannon.gahagan@mnpartners.org

Please submit a cover letter, the Minnesota Common Grant Application cover sheet and budget. We do not require the full grant application.

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