Facing Race: Our Commitment to Racial Equity – Minnesota Philanthropy PartnersOur Racial Equity Commitment

Facing Race: Our Commitment to Racial Equity
Today’s racism is hard for many of us to see. It runs deep, intricately woven into the backbone of our everyday lives. It affects our children in school, colleagues at work and the way we interact — or don’t — with our neighbors.
Today, we believe that facing the issue of race remains one of our most pressing issues and significant opportunities to make a difference.
We are renewing our commitment to fostering racial equity. The board and staff of The Saint Paul Foundation and Minnesota Community Foundation, Minnesota Philanthropy Partners affiliates, have adopted a new racial equity framework to guide us forward in this work.
This fresh approach is an opportunity to deepen our commitment and infuse racial equity in all of our roles as community foundations.
We look forward to continuing this journey and promoting racial equity in key roles we play.
Our Strategy and Tactics