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Asian Pacific Endowment
A permanent community endowment built by and for Asian-Pacific Islanders, the Asian Pacific Endowment fund supports groups that use culture to address social change and capture the community’s historic experience. Specifically, the Endowment works with Minnesota’s Asian-Pacific community to support youth development, care for elders, the preservation of Asian-Pacific arts and traditions and leadership development. Small, grassroots groups (with annual budgets no larger than $500,000) may submit grant proposals for a variety of endeavors, including theater and dance performances, cultural awareness and social programs. A high priority is given to projects that promote leadership, creativity and the inclusion of multiple Asian cultures.
The Endowment is individually operated by a committee of volunteers, comprised of multi-generation Asian Americans and new immigrants alike. In addition to personal contributions, the Endowment invites volunteers willing to give time and talent to support its efforts.
How the Asian Pacific Endowment Makes a Difference
Since 1996, the Endowment has awarded more than 200 grants to grassroots groups that build social and economic growth within Minnesota’s Asian-Pacific community. The diverse pool of recipients includes cultural organizations representing Indonesia, Japan, Nepal, Korea, Vietnam and many other nations. Additionally, the Endowment supports groups that address social issues. Past recipients include the Asian Economic Development Association and the Twin Cities Chinese Counseling Center.