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Central Corridor Funders Collaborative

Featured Grant6/16/16

The Central Corridor Funders Collaborative is taking its final bow after a decade of investing in the people who live and work along the Green Line. See how the legacy created by F. R. Bigelow Foundation and other Funders Collaborative partners will live on. 

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Central Corridor Funders Collaborative

Featured Grants6/16/16

The Central Corridor Funders Collaborative, housed and co-chaired by the Saint Paul Foundation, took a final bow after a decade of investing in the people who live and work along the Green Line. See how the legacy of this collaborative lives on.

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Upstream Arts

Featured Grant6/15/16

Access is a large part of what Upstream Arts provides in special education classrooms, helping students with cognitive, developmental, emotional, behavioral, and physical disabilities build stronger communication and social skills.

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Grants support solutions built by communities of color, for communities of color

News Release6/1/16

Philanthropy creates space for community-created solutions. A recent round of grants from The Saint Paul Foundation, F. R. Bigelow Foundation and Mardag Foundation includes support for organizations led by people of color that are addressing racial disparities in Minnesota.

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Hospice Stories Project

Featured Grant6/1/16

The Hospice Stories project is a collaboration between Minnesota Network of Hospice & Palliative Care, SoLaHmo Partnership for Health and Wellness and ECHO to provide culturally relevant resources and information about hospice care.

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Genesys Works - Twin Cities

Featured Grant6/1/16

Genesys Works – Twin Cities is creating pathways to equitable employment. Their intensive programming enables low-income students to enter careers in IT.

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2015 Annual Letter

Mardag Foundation Board of Directors5/18/16

Last year, Mardag Foundation’s board of directors recommitted to supporting projects in our four priority areas: improving the lives of at-risk-families, children, youth and young adults; supporting seniors to live independently; building the capacity of arts and humanities organizations to benefit their communities, and supporting community development throughout Saint Paul.

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Minnesota African Women's Association

Featured Grant5/17/16

Minnesota African Women's Association connects low-income refugee and immigrant women to career training and job placement opportunities. 

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Grants award funding to support families facing health and financial challenges

News Release5/16/16

Families struggling to meet their basic needs while balancing steep medical costs due to life-threatening illness or disabilities will get some relief thanks to $400,000 in grants from The William and Connie Carroll Endowment Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation.

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Dream of Wild Health

Featured Grant5/5/16

Dream of Wild Health is growing seeds and growing leaders through their Indigenous Food Network, a web of programming that supports healthy eating in Native communities and provides educational and employment opportunities for youth.

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